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My Muscle Chef Vegan Cookie

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Almond Maple
Almond Maple
Peanut Butter Choc


Looking for a fancy, baked good that can help you reach your health goals? Then check out the My Muscle Chef Vegan Cookie! 

Indulge in a delectable treat that satisfies mid-day cravings, keeps you fueled on the move, and assists post-workout recovery with My Muscle Chef Vegan Cookie. This Aussie-made snack is approved by dietitians, loaded with 20.2g of protein, and contains beneficial prebiotic fiber, all without any artificial additives. Perfect for plant-based and vegan lifestyles, this guilt-free snack helps you stay on track with your health goals while satisfying your taste buds. Say farewell to snacking guilt and treat yourself to the flavorful and nourishing My Muscle Chef Vegan Cookie.

  • 20g of protein per cookie
  • Plant based
  • Australian Made
My Muscle Chef Cookie - Almond Maple
My Muscle Chef Cookie - Peanut Butter Choc