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Nexus Super Protein Sachet

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1 Serve
1 Serve
Box of 10
Grape Xplosion
Grape Xplosion
Passion Mango
Strawberry Lime
Tropical Crush


Nexus Super Protein Sachets offer a convenient collagen protein blend specially designed to support gut health, muscle mass, and strength. This dairy-free and fat-free formula comes in a convenient sachet form for easy intake on the go. With 22g of protein per serving, it aids in promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails while supporting recovery post-workout and overall joint health. Each sachet helps to boost collagen levels, supporting joints, tendons, ligaments, and overall wellness. 

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking a flavorful and effective protein solution, Nexus Super Protein delivers a refreshing alternative to traditional protein shakes. This unique blend not only boosts collagen production but also includes Astragin to support nutrient absorption and a healthy gut biome. Whether you're focused on fitness goals or prioritising overall well-being, this collagen-rich formula caters to both your workout and daily lifestyle needs. 

Benefits & Features

  • 22g of protein per serve
  • Supports muscle mass and strength
  • Helps to promote gut health
  • Dairy-free and fat-free
  • Boosts your daily collagen production levels

How To Take

Mix 1 sachet with 300-400ml water and enjoy after training or as a refreshing protein snack!


Nexus Super Protein Sachet - Passion Mango
Nexus Super Protein Sachet - Tropical
Nexus Super Protein Sachet - Passion Mango
Nexus Super Protein Sachet - Strawberry Lime
Nexus Super Protein Sachet - Strawberry Lime