Ghost Legend 30 Serve

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30 Serve
30 Serve
Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry
Lemon Crush
Warheads Watermelon


Ghost Legend V3 is here to exceed your expectations with its formula designed for optimised performance, energy, and pump. This vegan-friendly pre-workout is perfect for anyone, whether you're training, studying, or gaming. If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, Ghost Legend can inspire next-level muscle pumps, increased energy, and no caffeine crash.

Featuring a full-disclosure label, Ghost Legend V3 is packed with key ingredients to support your goals. Vegan-fermented L-citrulline can enhance muscle pumps and blood flow, while beta-alanine promotes endurance. The natural caffeine delivers a clean, crash-free energy boost, and nitrosigine helps engineer impressive muscle pumps. To further enhance your mind-muscle connection and performance, VitaCholine has been added. When it comes to pre-workout supplements, Ghost Legend V3 has got you covered with its incredible formulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Promotes enhanced energy
  • Utilises natural caffeine
  • Can incite muscle pumps
  • Vegan-friendly

How To Take

Mix 1 scoop with 200-300ml of water and feel the power of Ghost Legend.

Ghost Legend - Blue Raspberry
Ghost Legend - War Heads
Ghost Legend 30 Serve
Ghost Legend -  Sour Straps Rainbow