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Evolve Incredible Whey

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Caramel Swirl
Caramel Swirl
Choc Honeycomb
Milk Chocolate
Vanilla Ice Cream


It's not called Incredible Whey for nothing! A high-quality muscle recovery protein powder that doesn't sacrifice flavour or nutritional value, that's incredible! Made from superior quality whey protein sourced from New Zealand, Incredible Whey is a perfect post-workout recovery supplement for everyone, from gym junkies to simply someone needing to increase their daily protein intake. Naturally high in amino acids and containing zero gluten, stabilisers or fillers, Incredible Whey is a standout whey protein.

With only 3g of carbs per serve and 1.4g of fat, and made from a blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, Incredible Whey is a perfect post-workout or midday protein supplement!

Features & Benefits

  • Only 3g of carbs and 1.4g of fat per serve
  • Made from a blend of WPI & WPC
  • Aids muscle recovery
  • Contains zero gluten, stabilisers or fillers
  • High quality whey protein sourced from New Zealand

How To Take

Mix 1 heaped scoop in 150ml-200ml of cold water or milk in a shaker or blender.

Incredible Whey 2kg - Caramel Swirl
Incredible Whey 2kg - Vanilla Ice Cream
Incredible Whey 2kg - Choc Honeycomb
Incredible Whey 2kg - Milk Choolate
Evolve Incredible Whey 2.27kg - Vanilla Ice Cream
Evolve Incredible Whey 2.27kg - Caramel Swirl
Evolve Incredible Whey 2.27kg - Choc Honeycomb
Evolve Incredible Whey 2.27kg - Milk Chocolate
Evolve Incredible Whey