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Universal Animal Test Boosters - Hormone

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Animal Test by Animal

Animal Test is the ultimate in hypertrophic, pro-testosterone supplementation. With a combo of cutting-edge anti-estrogen herbal extracts including the ultra antioxidant Trans Reservatrol, this potent test booster by Universal is the tool you need maximum gains! The key ingredient, Arachidonic Acid is a proven and patented hypertrophic agent backed by university research studies and real life testimonials. That's why Animal Test has taken the bodybuilding world by storm—and for good reason!

Recommendations: Take one pack daily with food. On training days take one pack along with the meal prior to your workout. Animal Test works ideally when in conjunction with intense training and an increase in quality calories and protein. Also, be sure to prioritize proper hydration during an Animal Test cycle. For best results use for two consecutive cycles--a total of 42 days. Afterwards take 4 weeks off.

Universal Animal Test Boosters - Hormone
Universal Animal Test Boosters - Hormone