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X-Tend by Scivation - 30 Serves - Watermelon  

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What is the Xtend Your Recovery Pack?

“A One Stop for Intra & Post Workout Recovery”

Who is this pack designed for?

If you’re tired of feeling muscle DOMS and are looking to increase training load and speed up your progress – you need to Xtend Your Recovery!

Why does it work?

The Xtend Your Recovery Pack doubles up on recovery by combining two of our favourite Scivation Xtend products. With a high quality whey protein isolate and essential BCAA powder, increasing recovery and meeting your protein needs has never been easier.

The Main Benefits  

  • In your 2.5kg tub of Xtend Pro Whey isolate you’ll get a massive 64 servings with 25g of protein
  • BCAAs to provide a great intra workout and source of sodium & potassium electrolytes
  • Aids muscle recovery, maintenance and growth of lean muscle mass
  • Helps you to recover quickly during and after a workout and even on the go
  • With Vitamin B6, potassium and sodium you can maintain hydration intra workout and reduce the onset of tiredness and fatigue
  • Contains a free shaker for a smooth, lump free shake and T-Shirt to train in.

How Can The Xtend Recovery Pack Benefit Me?

What do we want? Recovery! When do we want it? NOW!

When it comes to training hard, we believe recovery is just as important as your training – which means getting the best nutrition in and around your workout. Here’s where the Scivation Xtend pack comes in!

Want faster recovery? Faster recovery = Better Nutrition = Quality Training = Faster Results

For muscle recovery & the maintenance/growth of muscle increasing protein during the day is essential! Now you can end every session with a high quality protein shake, packing in a full 25g of protein.

Looking to optimise training and muscle function during a workout?

Add Xtend BCCAs to your water bottle during a workout or even during the day. This product really has it all, with an electrolyte blend, vitamin B6, citrulline malate, 3.5g of leucine and 2.5g of glutamine.

Want Fewer DOMs, Faster Results, Better Training & Convenient Nutrition?

By combining both Xtend BCAAs and Whey protein Isolate your muscles will have everything they need to quick start the recovery process.


What’s in The Xtend Recovery Pack?

Scivation Xtend Pro Whey Isolate Powder 2.5Kg Chocolate Lava Cake (64 Servings)

With natural flavourings and easy mixing, the Xtend instantized whey protein isolate packs in a huge 25g of protein per serving, with a full amino acid profile and delicious chocolate flavour.

Scivation Xtend Bcaas 431g Lemon & Lime (30 Servings)

Added vitamins and minerals including vitamin B6, sodium and potassium, means pushing through a session has never been easier. Refresh your muscles and taste buds during your workout with this lemon & lime twist.

Fit Nutrition Shaker

What pack is complete without a shaker? Match your supplement stack with an Xtend shaker which is included in your pack! Perfect for your delicious post workout shake!

T-Shirt & Sample

No one has enough training Tees and T-shirts right? We’re completing the Xtend Recovery pack with a T-shirt for you to train in PLUS a free Xtend sample for you to try something new.

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