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Trojan Horse by BlackStone Labs

Trojan Horse by BlackStone Labs

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May help with:
  • Supporting fat loss
  • Stimulant free
  • Dosage: As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop in 8-10 oz. of water upon waking up. An additional scoop can be taken in the evening before bed. Do not exceed three (3) scoops daily.

    More Info: If you really think about it, the usual fat burners are often all the same, in the sense that they practically just cobble together as many stimulants as they possibly can under a proprietary blend and ram them all in a tiny capsule. Let us tell you this: this does nothing for your fat loss goals and in all likelihood makes you feel on edge or stimmed out. True fat burning isn’t about taking a bunch of stims; rather it’s about boosting your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms to search and destroy unsightly body fat. Now, you can get all the fat burning benefits you need without the help of unwanted stims with Trojan Horse by Blackstone Labs. Trojan Horse is the weapon you need to have in your corner to invade stubborn fat cells and blast them to smithereens. With a collection of proven stimulant-free fat burning ingredients, Trojan Horse helps you lose weight fast, but without the anxiety, jitters, or crash of traditional fat burners.

    Ingredients: Chromium Picolinate (200mcg), Calcium Pyruvate (4g), Garcinia Cambogia (750mg), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (500mg)

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