The Sparta Performer Pack

The Sparta Performer Pack

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What is the Spartan Nutrition Performer Pack?

 “Lasting Energy, Strength & Power with an Ongoing Pre-Workout Muscle Pump”

Who is this pack for?

Looking for more energy, strength, power and endurance? If pushing hard, reaching PB’s and getting results is what you’re looking for this performance focused pack has the best 3 Sparta products to help you! The Performer Pack is designed to push you to the next level in each workout.

Why does it work?

This powerful combination supplements is designed specifically to fuel you during your workout and deliver the ultimate muscle pump. This pack groups together the powerful Kraken pre workout with muscle pump and bcaas for long lasting energy and power.

The Main Benefits

  • A powerful pre-workout formula combining 125g of caffeine with taurine, vitamin B3 and B6 for increased energy and focus.
  • Performance enhancing ingredients to aid your performance, including L-citrulline, Beta alanine and trademarked TeaCrine for an increased strength and power.
  • Kraken Pump combined with pre workout gives a lasting muscle pump.
  • Pack includes refreshing amino acid blend containing essential BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio to aid muscle recovery and prolong your workout
  • Delicious flavours including watermelon and original bombsicle.
  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Contains a free shaker and T shirt to aid your workout.

How Can this Pack Benefit Me?

We suggest consuming 1 scoop of Kraken Pre Workout with a scoop of Pump 20 minutes prior to your workout and then complimenting your session throughout with a scoop of BCAA.

Feeling Tired? You Need More Energy & Focus

With Sparta Kraken Pre Workout you’ll get a 125mg dose of caffeine combined with taurine and vitamin B12 to reduce the onset of tiredness and fatigue. What’s more TheaCrine is added to further your focus on reaching that PB.  

Sick of Not Making Progress & Underperforming? Increase Power & Strength

L- citrulline, beta alanine and tyrosine are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find in the Kraken pre workout aimed specifically to help enhanced your session. When combined Kraken Pump you’ll have a long lasting muscle pump and blood flow to push out that last rep.

Want to be able to Train Better, For Longer?

The BCAA Amino blend contains 9 essential amino acids so you can keep going during your workout kick start recovery.

What’s in  your Pack?

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre Workout – 320g

Focus, Energy, Pump, Endurance - Kraken pre workout is an essential to get you through even the hardest of sessions. This pre workout comes in an original bombsicle flavour for a refreshing pre workout boost with 125mg of caffeine and TeaCrine for added focus. Not only that, but 3.2g of beta alanine, 4g of L citrulline and L tyrosine are perfect to aid your session.

Kraken Pump – 140g

This non stimulant formula is the perfect pair for Kraken Pre Workout to give you the ultimate muscle pump with trademarked ingredients.

Sparta BCAA – 270g

Muscle growth, recovery and a full essential amino acid spectrum, this BCAA mix is like no other. With 3 bcaas and 6 other essential amino acids, all 9 essential amino acids gives you the best intra workout formula, better recovery and increased endurance.

Shaker & T-Shirt

To consume your pre and intra workout we’ve included a shaker in your pack along with your own training T-shirt.

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