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Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch

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10 Serve
10 Serve
Cucumber Lime
Granny Smith
Lemon Ginger
Mango Passionfruit
Matcha Mint
Strawberry Kiwi


Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is game changer for gut health and general health and well being. The impressive blends in this amazing greens product includes a Digestive Enzyme Blend to help maximise nutrient break down and absorption, Mushroom Adaptogen blend for brain function and a Gut blend including marine collagen to help support a healthy gut microbiome on top of their Super Greens formula plus much more! You gotta try it to believe it!

May help with:

  • Supporting Immune Function
  • Improving Gut Health
  • Boosting Mental Cognition
  • Detoxing & Alkalise
  • Optimizing Daily Energy
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Dosage: Mix 1 scoop in 250 – 350ml of water. You may consume 1 – 3 servings per day as required.

Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch
Switch Vitality - Chocolate
Switch Vitality - Cucumber Lime
Switch Vitality - Exotic Fruits
Switch Vitality - Granny Smith
Switch Vitality - Mango Passionfruit
Switch Vitality - Lemon Ginger
Switch Vitality - Strawberry Kiwi