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Probiotic + Sb by Herbs of Gold

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Probiotic + Sb by Herbs of Gold


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  • Description

    Probiotic + SB by Herbs of Gold

    This belly-loving blend contains a combination of shelf-stable probiotic strains which help to maintain balanced, healthy intestinal flora by inhibiting the growth of unwanted intestinal bacteria and re-establishing the friendly guys! Happy healthy digestion comin' atcha!


    May help with:

  • Maintaining balanced, healthy intestinal flora and supports digestive system function
  • Probiotics compete with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients and colonisation in the intestines. Probiotic + SB supports gastrointestinal health by helping to restore healthy intestinal flora
  • Supporting the integrity of the intestinal wall
  • The majority of the immune system sits in the digestive tract so Probiotic + SB helps maintain and support healthy immune function
  • Dosage:

    • Take 1 capsule daily with food.


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    Herbs of Gold

    Probiotic + Sb by Herbs of Gold


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