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OxyWhey by EHP Labs

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OxyWhey by EHP Labs


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  • Description

    OxyWhey by EHP Labs

    Oxywhey by EHP Labs is a lean protein formula that is designed to help increase protein intake, support muscle recovery and fat loss goals. This formula combines several different protein sources including whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and micellar casein. In addition, glutamine, BCAAs, green tea extract, chromium picolinate and MCT oils have also been added support a diet and training regime that is centred around fat loss and lean muscle.


    Who is this product designed for?

    This product is designed for individuals who want to gain lean muscle and is popular amongst individuals looking to lose fat. This protein powder is a great for people looking to increase protein intake and control excessive hunger in between meals.

    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Are you looking for a lean weight loss shake? This lean protein provides a massive 24g of protein with only 1g of carbs per serving. What’s more, EHP Labs have included key ingredients such as MCT oil, green tea extract and chromium picolinate to aid macronutrient and energy metabolism.

    Do you want to control hunger and stay fuller for longer? Chromium picolinate contributes macronutrient and energy metabolism.  It’s also a key mineral that is used in the body to regulate blood sugar levels. Together with a combination of fast and slow releasing protein, this shake can help you feel fuller for longer and reduce hunger cravings.

    Do you want better recovery? Protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of lean muscle mass. With 24g of protein composed of 70% whey protein isolate, 20% whey concentrate and 10% casein. Being mainly whey protein, this shake is designed to be quickly absorbed and help aid muscle recovery following a workout. Not only that but each scoop provides glutamine and 5g of essential BCAAs in a 2:1:1 to prevent muscle breakdown and further increase repair.

    Need better digestion? EHP labs have included glutamine and digestive enzymes to help aid the digestion of protein once consumed.

    The Main Benefits

    • 24g of protein per serving 
    • Only 1g of carbs
    • Contains 5g of BCAAs and added glutamine
    • Contains digestive enzymes
    • Provides MCT oil, green tea and chromium picolinate 


    How to take

    We suggest consuming one scoop with 300mL of water post workout to aid recovery or in between meals as a snack.

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    OxyWhey by EHP Labs


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