Metabolyz by Primabolics

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Metabolyz by Primabolics


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    Metabolyz by Primabolics

    If we're really trying to get down to the nuts and bolts of fat loss supplements, we need to find out what exactly are the the important points to tick off.

    First off, your Thyroid gland as we know it is responsible for speed of your basal metabolic rate. Metabolyz contains EVERY vitamin and mineral that is required in the process of conversion and formation of the thyroid hormones including Vitamins B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin C, Tyrosine, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc and Magnesium for optimal basal metabolic rate. 

    Next, Metabolyz by Primabolics contains a solid 1500mg of Carnitine, a potent fat burner designed to push stubborn fatty cells into the mitochondria to be used for energy. And with only 120mgs of caffeine, it's power of energy production via L-Carnitine gives you that extra push!

    Then, to make this our best fat burner to date, the boys from Primabolics have added an adaptogenic herbal complex consisting of Withania Somnifera, Coleus Forskholi and Yerba Mate to lower cortisol, balance out your thyroid hormone production and conversion as well as optimise your Estrogen to Testosterone ratio. So with that being said and done, need we say any more? Oh yeah, the boys from Primabolics are home grown heros, hailing out of Newcastle, Australia. And we love supporting our Aussie made products! Good on ya Primabolics!


    Main Benefits:

    • Thyroid optimising complex of powerful adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals
    • ZMA complex to further optimise hormonal production
    • A general health multi-vitamin supplement
    • A powerful thermogenic and fat metaboliser
    • Hormonal balancing and Cortisol lowering supplement


    Mix 1 scoop in 200mls of water and consume 20 minutes before training or upon waking.


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    Metabolyz by Primabolics


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