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K-OS Pre Workout by BSC

Get the most from every workout with a pre-workout scientifically designed to deliver results. Power through your next set, smash that last rep, lift heavier and achieve more every session. K-OS delivers the energy, focus, endurance and strength you need to smash out your workouts like never before.

Whether you want to build muscle or shred fat, you need to maximise your time and effort in the gym to achieve it. The synergistic blend of trusted ingredients in K-OS are designed to ignite your performance, not only delivering increased energy, intensity and focus to your workouts, but also improving your stamina, strength and recovery, whether in the gym or on the playing field.


3000MG CREATINE for explosive power, strength and energy, helping you lift heavier and for longer, and promoting muscle growth.

1500MG BETA ALANINE to improve muscle endurance and stamina, buffer lactic acid build-up and fight fatigue so you can train longer for greater gains.

250MG ARGININE a Nitric Oxide precursor to enhance endurance, muscle pumps and vasodilation, shuttling oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue for better performance and muscle growth.

175MG OF CAFFEINE to give you the energy, motivation and mental focus to attack your next session with intensity

100MG OF L-TYROSINE to help boost alertness, attention and focus.

50MG OF L-CARNITINE TARTRATE to aid in metabolism of fatty acids and enhance fat loss.



The perfect pre-workout for those just starting out on their fitness journey or high-level elite athletes who require a HASTA Certified product. K-OS is free from banned substances well as any ingredients on WADA’s anti-doping list.


Whether you are looking to build muscle or shred fat, this product will give you all the tools you need to maximise your time in the gym. Stop training plateaus and reach your full potential today with K-OS Pre Workout. It’s time to take your training to a whole new level.

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