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Fusion Health Iron Advanced

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Iron Advanced by Fusion Health

Time for a truth bomb - Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. If you’re constantly feeling weak, tired and foggy chances are you’re part of the iron deficient gang. Lucky for you, a big old boost is just one click away. Iron Advanced is a highly bioavailable source of organic iron, with co factors to aid its absorption and utilisation. This energy boosting blend can help to maintain healthy iron stores and aid in the management of dietary iron deficiency.

May help with:

  • Maintaining healthy blood and healthy iron stores, and may help manage dietary iron deficiency.
  • Supporting healthy red blood cell formation and energy productio
  • Being beneficial for people prone to dietary iron deficiency, including women who experience heavy periods, older people, athletes, and people recovering from minor infections.


  • Take 1 tablet once daily.

Fusion Health Iron Advanced
Fusion Health Iron Advanced