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Burn by Optimum Nutrition

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Burn by Optimum Nutrition


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  • Description

    Burn Fat Burner by Optimum Nutrition

    Burn Fat Burner by Optimum Nutrition is a caffeinated supplement powder designed to increase energy and focus, suppress appetite and compliment any fat loss program. This Optimum Nutrition product is a blend of key ingredients including caffeine, green tea extract, acetyl L carnitine, cayenne extract and guarana extract.

    Who is this product designed for?

    This caffeine-based supplement is designed for individuals who have fat and weight loss goals. It’s ideal if you’re looking to increase energy and delay the onset of tiredness and fatigue.

    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Feeling fatigued? Need to increase energy? This Optimum Nutrition supplement contains a range of ingredients designed to help push your training and aid your fat loss goals. Caffeine, guarana extract and green tea extract have been added to help increase alertness and focus. Not only that, but a vitamin B complex in the blend can also work to help delay the onset of tiredness and fatigue. 

    Are you following a calorie-controlled diet? A low carb or calorie diet can be tough on energy and hunger levels. This fat burner is designed to help aid energy levels and contains key ingredients that are commonly consumed to supress appetite. Not only that, but acetyl L carnitine, green tea extract and cayenne extract are popular ingredients purchased by individuals looking to lose weight.

    The Main Benefits

    - Contains 250mg of caffeine per serving 
    - Combines green tea and guarana extract
    - Delays the onset of tiredness and fatigue
    - Aids energy yielding metabolism

        How to take

        Add one scoop of 5g of Burn Complex to 250 – 300ml of water. We recommend consuming this fat burner 15-30 minutes before a workout or in the morning to aid energy levels.

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