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Brain Doctor by Macro Mike

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Brain Doctor by Macro Mike


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  • Description

    Brain Doctor by Macro Mike

    What would you say if we told you you could get your brain running at full speed first thing in the morning without having caffeine? You probably wouldn't believe us! But the team at Macro Mike have all the answers with their new product Brain Doctor!

    The goal for the Brain Doctor was to create a product that can be used daily to optimise brain health and help reduce symptoms of of brain fog, anxiety, moodiness and fatigue. The proof is in the pudding, research shows when the brain is functioning optimally it can assist with mental clarity, immune support, hormone balancing, stress levels and energy production.

    So what's in it? This natural, plant based bad boy is packed with herbs, adaptogens and effective nootropic medicinal mushrooms (no, not those mushrooms). To top it off, this blend is boosted with essential vitamins and antioxidants to facilitate optimal brain and body function!

    You won't believe how much you needed to see this doctor once you try Brain Doctor by Macro Mike!

    Main Benefits

    • Stimulant free
    • Natural, plant based ingredients
    • Improved brain function, mental clarity and concentration
    • Reduced brain fogginess
    • Perfect replacement for morning coffee


    Mix one sachet in with water in a shaker and shake for 10 seconds. Alternatively you can add it to your morning smoothie!

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