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Beyond BCAA by EHP Labs

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Beyond BCAA by EHP Labs


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  • Description

    Beyond BCAA by EHP Labs

    Beyond BCAA by EHP Labs is an intra workout formula designed to aid performance and endurance. This product combines a complex blend of essential & non-essential amino acids together with an electrolyte and energy blend.


    Who is this product designed for?

    This product is designed for individuals who are looking to prevent muscle fatigue and increase training intensity and endurance.

    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Are you looking to train harder for longer? This intra workout supplement includes a complex electrolyte blend designed to prevent muscle cramping and support energy and endurance. The blend combines coconut water extract, vitamin B & C, taurine, tyrosine, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These ingredients work together to delay the onset of tiredness and fatigue, support muscle function and prevent lactic acid build up in the muscle. L-citrulline and alpha HICA have also been included to enhance blood flow to the muscles and are commonly consumed by people looking to increase exercise performance.

    Do you want to maximise recovery? During endurance training, electrolytes can be easily lost through sweat. This EHP labs product is designed to be consumed during training to aid performance, increase protein synthesis and repair and replenish electrolyte stores. 5g of high quality BCAAs: leucine, valine and iso-leucine help aid recovery from intense training an prevent muscle breakdown during training.

    The Main Benefits

    - Restores hydration & electrolytes
    - Contributes to the delay of tiredness and fatigue
    - Improves recovery
    - Sugar and caffeine free

      How to take

      We recommend consuming 1 serving of this product with 300-500mL of water and consuming throughout your training session to delay fatigue. This supplement can also be consumed post workout to replenish electrolytes and aid muscle recovery.



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