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Alpha Venus by ATP Science

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Alpha Venus by ATP Science


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This is a natural product appropriate for those with dietary requirements; Vegan friendly

  • Description

    Alpha Venus by ATP Science.

    Ahh the female hormone, while we all need it in our lives, too much can definitely wreak havoc on our bodies. We've all experienced fluctuating weight, period pains, irregular periods, mood swings so bad you feel like Godzilla and of cause the bloating and dreaded water weight. Alpha Venus was formulated for those trying to zen out their estrogen, get rid of the excess and create a calm, balanced goddess that we know you are! 


    Who is this product designed for?

    This product is designed for women who may feel like they have an estrogen imbalance making it difficult to manage weight, mood swings, painful periods and acne This may include females suffering from poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, to help relieve symptoms. 

    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Do you struggle with high estrogen? High estrogen can result in symptoms such as bloating, acne, irregular periods, PMS, mood swings and headaches. One of the main ingredients in Alpha Venus is DIM which is sourced from Broccoli sprouts. DIM is a compound used in natural herbal supplements with the theory and aim to help lower estrogen levels and regulate hormones. In turn it is believed in herbal medicine this might help mood swings, overall menstrual health and aiding weight loss goals.

    Struggling with excess water weight? Women always tend to hold more water due to hormones, so if you're looking to feel a little lighter and not so soft around the edges, this product may assist with these symptoms.

    Period pains and acne? By regulating your hormones, symptoms of period pain may improve along with skin breakouts in hormonal areas.

    The Main Benefits

    • Contains ingredients used in herbal medicine which aim to remove excess estrogen
    • Is a source of DIM which is used in supplements by those looking to help PMS and mood swings
    • Contains natural ingredients
    • Easy to take capsules

    How to take

    Take one to two tablets twice daily with food.


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      Alpha Venus by ATP Science


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