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100% NOWAY HCP Protein by ATP Science

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100% NOWAY HCP Protein by ATP Science


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  • Description

    100% NOWAY HCP Protein by ATP Science

    The NOWAY protein shake is one of our best sellers here at FIT Nutrition. This unique protein blend contains absolutely no whey protein and instead is made from 100% hydrolysed collagen protein.

    Who is this product designed for?

    This product is designed for anyone looking to increase their protein intake or aid recovery. It’s ideal for individuals who are specifically avoiding dairy or whey protein or an alternative to plant protein. 

    How Can this Product Help Me?

    Want a high quality protein but no carbs or fat? This product is made using 100% hydrolysed collagen protein to deliver a huge 16g  of high-quality protein per 18g scoop. Through using collagen bovine protein, ATP have formed a unique trademarked blend of bioactive peptides called Bodybalance. Being hydrolysed means the protein consumed can be broken down to smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream.

    Want more muscle recovery? This handy shake can help you get enough protein to recover well after each session. Getting enough protein can support growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. In addition, you’ll also receive amino acids and high levels of arginine and glycine which are used to aid muscle recovery and connective tissues in the body.

    Struggling with bloating from whey protein? If you’re struggling with bloating and abdominal discomfort NOWAY is perfect for you! You’ll find absolutely no whey protein, gluten, dairy or lactose in this shake! This means it won’t provoke any digestive flare ups and is perfect for consuming throughout the day.

    Need a shake to help with fat loss? Only 68 calories? Each scoop is only 68 calories which makes it perfect for reaching your protein macros whilst on a diet or reducing calorie intake.

    Need a clean shake? NOWAY contains no synthetics or artificial flavourings! So you can get a great quality clean shake. All you’ll find is a small amount of stevia sweetener to deliver a great subtle taste.

    The Main Benefits

    • 16g of high quality Hydrolised Collagen Peptide Protein
    • Most abundant protein source and highly bioavailable
    • Aids in building lean muscle and reducing body fat
    • Free of GMOs, synthetics, dairy and gluten
    • A clean shake with only 68 calories with no carbs or fat.

    How to take

    Mix 1 scoop of NOWAY with water or a non-dairy milk post workout for optimal results.

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    ATP Science

    100% NOWAY HCP Protein by ATP Science


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