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Carni Strip by International Protein

Carni Strip by International Protein

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Carni-Strip by International Protein provides Carnitine in a form that is commonly found in all parts of your body – the muscle, heart and brain.  

Carnitine acts as a crucial transportation molecule, which helps deliver fatty acids into the muscles for it to be used up as fuel.

Carnitine is found throughout your body whereas the liver, muscle and the heart lean on different variations of it for their relative function.

Carni Strip combines four different kinds of Carnitine into 1 scoop that ensures maximum optimisation of fatty acid use in all your tissues.

Carnitine may also aid in the reduction of the degradation of the powder, which is commonly experienced with other Carnitine powders available in the market today.

The additional ingredients in Carni-Strip support the energy production processes, glucose utilisation and support nerve function for correct muscle contractions

It also improves endurance by allowing fat to be used as the energy source, to also prevent lactic acid build up. Carnitine is also used to help improve sleep, and sperm quality!



Take 1/3 of a scoop (1.5g) mixed with 200ml of water 15-20 minutes before training or intense exercise. It is also ideal for use during training or added to your post recovery drink.

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