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Must Visit Healthy Eateries In Bondi

Must Visit Healthy Eateries In Bondi
Posted by:
Fit Nutrition Fix Team


5 of the best local haunts to get your health foodie game on

Bondi is no longer only visited by people far and wide for its iconic beach status. Health enthusiasts and foodies alike have much to celebrate when it comes to the Bondi café and restaurant scene, which has exploded over the last few years to house an expanding collection of eateries serving up everything from paleo breakfasts to superfood salads. Here are 5 of FIT’s favourite places to grab a bite to eat and hang:


The Hill Eatery

Aptly named (perched just up the hill at North Bondi), The Hill Eatery offers a seasonal menu conceived via a farm-to-table approach. Enjoy fresh produce and inspired modern Australian dishes in charming rustic-chic setting. Dishes can cater to vegan and paleo diets, while flavour is paramount due to the emphasis on fresh herbs, spices and garlic. As trendy as it is healthy and delicious, this is a great spot for a group meal or date.


The Plant Gallery

After a long awaited arrival, The Plant Gallery is Sydney’s latest raw vegan offering to open its doors on Bondi Road. Featuring a completely raw food menu, exotic kombucha flavours and cold-brew coffee, this is the ultimate destination for trying something new. With the mission statement, “We exist to reinvent the way plant-based cuisine is seen and enjoyed,” you know what you get will not only be good for your, it will also be full of culinary finesse. Enjoy your meal on up-cycled timber furniture with a vertical garden as the backdrop, and make sure you try the superfood abundant desserts.


Henley’s Wholefoods

Henley’s Whole Foods is a concept café that beautifully balances sustainable practice with serving up deliciously nourishing cuisine. Located in the heart of Sydney’s trendy Bondi Junction, venturing down the stairs you’ll find this little gem nestled just below the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. If it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, organic, local, raw, vegan, paleo or anything else trending in the health world that you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. The lunch menu routinely features three hearty salads alongside some protein options and specials, so the diner can mix and match as they chose.


Bondi Harvest

As a natural flow on from the success of their online TV show by the same name, Guy Turland and Mark Alston brought their concept alive for the public when they opened the Bondi Harvest eatery. Situated at The Eastern in Bondi Junction, Bondi Harvest boasts a healthy food philosophy of home-style cooking that varies with the season’s produce offerings. “Bondi Harvest is a food reflection of the Bondi lifestyle – a nice paradox of soft sand running and green smoothies in the morning, followed by dinner and cocktails with good mates that evening,” describes Guy Turland.

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