High Protein, Low Carb Dinner Inspiration

High Protein, Low Carb Dinner Inspiration

Ten easy meal ideas for tonight

These healthy meals are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, quick to make and delicious. What’s not to love? Try one tonight. 


Loaded Frittata 

Think a traditional frittata egg and vegetable base, then loaded the top with even more greens and veggies, sprinkle with organic cheese and grill until it melts. It’s almost like a frittata pizza – yum! 


Chicken Tacos in Lettuce Leaves 

Ditch the corn shells and put your favourite taco mix into lettuce leaves instead. Cos lettuce or iceberg leaves are especially good wrappers. Fill with Mexican seasoned chicken, fresh guacamole, salsa, tomato, more shredded lettuce and full fat Greek yoghurt, in lieu of sour cream. 


Zucchini Spaghetti Bolognaise  

The old favourite, but you don’t have to worry about cooking and draining the pasta. Simply spiralise zucchinis and heat through the sauce at the end. 



If you’ve never heard of it before, Shakshuka is a dish of eggs baked in a pan in a flavoursome tomato sauce, with herbs. You can add in vegetables such as spinach and mushrooms too. You basically just throw everything in the pan and before you know it you have a delicious high protein meal. 


Thai Beef Salad 

Seared, finely slices beef in a delicious medley of salad vegetables… need we say more? Add some cashews or almonds for extra protein. 


Tempe Stir-Fry 

A great vegan option. Marinate the tempe during the day in a tamari and ginger sauce, then cut into strips and stir-fry with seasonal vegetables. Bonus points if you sprinkle with sunflower seeds. 


Cauliflower Pizza 

Pizza that is actually good for you, low carb and tastes good? Yep, you heard it right. The base is made from blended up cauliflower, almond meal and eggs, and then you’re free to go crazy with protein and vegetable toppings. Get creative! 


Salmon with Asian Greens 

Sear the salmon in a pan with coconut oil and serve with steamed Asian greens, with fresh lemon juice. Sometimes classic is best. 


Bun-less Burgers 

Imagine your favourite burger stack, then simply swap the bun or lettuce leaves and dig in with a knife and fork. Simple, yet very effective. 


Dinnertime Big Breakfast  

Sometimes you just want to eat breakfast for dinner, and that’s okay! Especially when it’s a big breakfast with all the fixings. Do your eggs however you prefer (scrambled, poached or fried), then serve with bacon, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, all on a bed of baby spinach. Just hold the bread and hash-browns please. 

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