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Fitness Trackers: 4 Of The Best

Fitness Trackers: 4 Of The Best
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Fit Nutrition Fix Team

It’s time to tech fit with these savvy devices

A fitness tracker is your one-stop shop to counting your steps, monitoring your sleep quality and keeping yourself informed on all the components of your health journey with superior accuracy. It’s like having a virtual finger on your pulse, keeping everything in check, then feeding it back to you in quantifiable data. Yep, it’s pretty cool! And when it comes to your health, you can definitely justify splurging on the best. We’ve lined them up here:  


Fitbit Charge HR 

Weighing in at just 22g, the Fitbit Charge will easily become one with your body and you won’t even realise you’re wearing it, not to mention it’s sleek and discrete appearance. 


This sporty tech accessory features an altimetre and pulse counter, which guarantees you more accurate data results. The watch-style strap allows for maximum, comfort and security while wearing it. 


Bonus: the Fitbit gadget is supplemented with a forward-thinking app plus social ecosystem. 


UA Band 

This fitness tracker is the lovechild of Under Armour and HTC. The UA Band is bursting with features that make it a clever purchase for those wanting to keep a tab on their fitness journey.  


The high performance, coveted design delivers impressive results both with and without the companion app, UA Records.  


Other perks include its lightweight, 5 day battery life and responsive touch screen. 


Jawbone UP3 

The Jawbone UP3 is a screenless fitness tracker that features an impressive app to track sleep and steps, plus a heart rate monitor. 


This device is ideal for those who want a basic tracker of high quality. It’s also available in a wide variety of colours in a fashionable, minimalist design, making it perfect for the style conscious among us. 


Microsoft Band 2 

The Microsoft Band 2 is versatile fitness tracker is powerful, comfortable and stylish. It features 11 different sensors to monitor everything from altitude to track stairs and hills, to heart rate, skin temperature, acceleration, UV and more.  


This gadget is perfect for tracking not only steps and sleep, but gym sessions, golf, cycling, running and almost any sport! It’s certainly an incredible asset for any fitness lifestyle. 


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