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All Natural Performance Pack

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What is the All Natural Performance Pack?

 “Brain Power, Energy & Focus, Combined with Quick & Simple Recovery.”

Who is this pack designed for?

If you’re looking for natural ingredients and to increase your energy and brain power, with an added dose of recovery – this pack is for you. This pack has been designed by us to help you improve your focus, energy and recovery in a minimalistic approach.

Why does it work?

With minimalistic & natural ingredients you can improve energy, brain power and recovery without added nasties.

The Main Benefits

  • Performance focus coffee with added MCT fatty acids for increased energy to aid training goals.
  • Mushroom Elixir designed for those looking to improve concentration, focus and cognitive function with added rhodiola.
  • Organic grass-fed whey protein isolate to contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.
  • Natural and minimal ingredient with natural stevia.
  • Reusable Coffee Cup to enjoy your coffee!

How Can this Pack Benefit Me?

Sick of lacking Focus and Losing Concentration?

Wake Up Before you speak is in your pack specifically for performance benefits. The caffeine in each dose with added coffee bean extract is perfect for delaying the onset of tiredness and fatigue. Not only that, but each cup of Joe also includes MCT and turmeric for additional benefits.

Want to Improve Mental as well as Physical Performance?

The Lions Main Mushroom Elixir has been added to your pack to aid your focus and concentration with ingredients such as rose hip and rhodiola.

Want Pure, Simple, Fast Recovery?

The Naked & Co whey protein is perfect for those with a sensitive gut. With 3 simple ingredients, this grass-fed whey protein isolate offers a simple but faster recovery.

Need Flavour But Don’t Want The Artificial Additives?

Each one of these three products is sweetened with natural stevia so you can get the best out of your supplements and training without the artificial nasties.


What’s in the Power, Focus & Recovery Pack?

Before You Speak High Performance Coffee Assorted Box – 30 servings

With 3 flavour options this coffee is unlike no other. Before You Speak have designed their blend with high quality Colombian coffee, coffee bean extract, turmeric, black pepper and MCT fatty acids to really give you that performance edge. Natural ingredients and added stevia means you can get the pre workout or energy kick you need for the best performance.

Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Elixir – 20 servings

Brain power and cognitive function is key for performance – whether it’s within your fitness or working goals. Four sigmatic lions mane mushroom elixir is an innovative and original product with mushroom, rosehip, rhodiola and mint. Consume your Elixir early in the morning and mid-afternoon to really push your brain power and focus.  

The Naked Co Whey Protein Isolate

A high quality protein from grass fed cows to give you the ultimate muscle recovery in a simple and convenient form. This protein powder contains only 3 ingredients – organic grass fed whey protein isolate, stevia and organic flavourings. Brain power, energy and focus are great when it comes for performance, but if you aren’t recovering – you won’t be able to keep up the pace!

Reusable Coffee Cup

No nasties, no additives and simple ingredients PLUS a reusable coffee cup to enjoy your products and contribute towards saving the environment.

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